Coaching Education and Development


The coaching education and further development have been a top priority for USAB. With your support, we would like to further develop our coaches and to ensure they meet the requirement to coach at JIT and JN, along with be great mentor and professional for our Juniors. 

To help the coaches achieve the above goals, we have set up a framework to advance the coaches' skills and provide them an opportunity to coach at 2017 JIT and JN. For more information on the coaching credential requirements, please click on minton/Features/2016/July/01/ 2017-JIT-and-Junior-Nationals- Coaching-Requirements

Some information related to North East:

  Minimum requirement 

WHEN do you need it to be done?

HOW to get it
2017 JIT (04/17) High performance Level 1 (HP1) by March 2017 1. Face-to-face courses will be offered (regionally). 
2. Date: 11/17-18  .  
3. Location:  NJBC
4. Please contact Wendy Chia-Smith ( for more details and updates, ASAP.   
5. Cost:  2-day course, $400.
2017 JN (06/2017) Sport Performance Level 1 (SP1) by May 2017 1. Online Modules will be offered 11/2017
2. Finished online training 
3. Follow the process of applying Coach Credential through Simplecompete.
4. Cost:  $80