NEBA to hold annual meeting on Feb 22nd from 2-5pm at the North Virginia Badminton Club

Badminton players from the Northeast are invited to participate. Parents and U17/U19 players at the DC Junior Open are encouraged to join us in the meeting. This is a good way to get involved in the Northeast Badminton Association (NEBA), the most vibrant regional (Region 1) organization working under the auspices of USA Badminton.



  1. Approval of the minutes of the Jan 18 Conference call – Beth Sopka
  2. Financial Report – Arthur Schwartz
  3. Junior Committee Report – Joan Cayen
    1. Highlights of the Feb 14 mini JAG meeting
    2. Participation of NE juniors at JIT and other issues
  4. Junichi Kasuga: The Challenge of Organizing BWF Tournaments in the Northeast
  5. Beth Sopka: Developing Court Officials to Meet the Growing Needs of Tournaments in the NE
  6. Yvonne Chern: Strategies for Organizing High School and Collegiate Team Competition
  7. John Okuyan: Plans for a Northeast Collegiate Badminton League
  8. Newman Shee: The Challenge of Developing a Ranking System for US Juniors
  9. Recognition during JIT of NEBA members for outstanding service – Yvonne Chern
  10. Judy Devlin Fund, call for donors and applications – Yvonne Chern
  11. Election of officers and committee chairs


List of nominees:





Yvonne Chern

Vice Presidents:

Eric Miller / Junichi Kasuga


Kimberly Kramer


Arthur Schwartz

At Large Directors:

Wendy Chia-Smith / Beth Sopka / Peter Teuben / Heidi Xaysena

Past President:

Diane Cornell



Committee Chairs



Wendy Chia-Smith


Joan Cayen

Schools / Collegiate:

John Okuyan

Technical Officials:

Beth Sopka

Website / Calendar:

Heidi Xaysena



State Representatives



Gil Fried






Peter Teuben


Patrick Waller

New Hampshire:

Eric Sun

New Jersey:

Wenlei Chen / Ronnie Yin

New York:

Veronica Gao / Junichi Kasuga / Darlene Squires


Eric Miller / Heidi Xaysena

Rhode Island:

Bin Rao




Clement Chan

Washington DC:

Diane Cornell